Meet our National Sales Manager - Regional Team

Our National Sales Manager - Regional Team, Hannah Walker, spends a large part of her time attending and speaking at a number of events around the country (with more than a few coffee and chocolate pitstops in between) as well as coaching and training her Regional Account Managers team, so you, our Advisers can find out what really makes our heart set us apart at LV= GI Intermediaries.

People focused

As a people focused person, you can see why Hannah loves her role (and also Rick Astley), spending time educating Advisers on the benefits of selling GI and more importantly how we support our customers if the worst should happen.

She’s also a big champion of our brand and people, which is why, when you meet her, you’ll be able to see her passion for all things GI (she’s never going to give that up) and how people powered performance really works.

When we asked Hannah about why Advisers are so important, she emphasised the importance of the help that they provide to their clients, especially as Financial Services can be complicated: “Advisers are there to help clients in every step of the process to make sure they have all the products they need”.

That’s where LV= GI can help bridge the gap in terms of knowledge, from techniques to help you sell insurance to the value of a rucksack, we know insurance is about more than just helping your clients feel protected. It’s also about building trust, service and letting them know we’ll be there for them if the time comes.

Our team are here to help you

To help you help your clients, our dedicated team and technical capability, really do help us stand out in the market. Our SmartQuote technology gets rid of the need for complex questions, allowing you to provide your customers with a home insurance quote in just 5 questions!

We not only provide a reduced non-disclosure risk, up to £1000 worth of Home Emergency Cover with both Platinum and Gold policies and the option for your clients to also spread the cost of their cover, over 12 months at 0% interest.

Hannah was keen to advise that LV is a huge and trusted brand in the UK, that’s recognised by advisers and customers alike. Our products are enriched to ensure our offering reflects what our advisers want to present to their customers. Our purpose is to be easy to do business with and we really keep that at the forefront of what we do.

Don't forget to say hello

So, if you do see Hannah out and about at an event, please do say hello and as an ice breaker, we’ll let you into a little secret, she has a passion for Hockey (just ask her about short corners and free hits) and Pride and prejudice. 

Thanks for reading!

LV= GI Intermediary Marketing Team