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We work with our partners to help them understand the current GI landscape and where there may be opportunities to grow their business.

Here’s how we help advisers:

  • The features and benefits of our range of insurance products.
  • Dealing with customer pushbacks, we work with our partners to give them the tools they need to overcome objections and leave their customers feeling reassured.
  • Identifying little ways to make the sales journey easier, highlighting the most suitable sales techniques and the best ways to introduce the subject of GI with clients.
  • Handy hints and tips.

We've got some handy hints and tips to help you

Techniques to sell Home insurance

As an adviser, it’s up to you to explain the benefits of Home Insurance to your clients, and help them to see the importance of having a policy in place.

Dealing with client pushbacks

We wanted to bring together some useful tips and practical advice - so you can reassure your clients and prompt them to consider the right cover options.

Reasons to talk Home insurance

From peace of mind for your client, to new opportunities for yourself, we’ve outlined the top reasons to talk Home insurance with your clients.

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