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Our team are here to support you and your business, to navigate the world of General Insurance (GI) and help you identify ways to improve your GI business models.

Our videos

Our team have created some fantastic videos to help you better understand why GI is so important right now. 

Home Insurance - Gold and Platinum products

In this session we’ll have a look at the features and benefits of our Home insurance products. By making sure your clients have the right cover in place now, you could help protect them from unexpected costs in the future.

Home insurance products video

SmartQuote Home Insurance System demonstration

A full walkthrough of the GI for Intermediaries portal that will demonstrate the login, obtaining a home insurance quote, saving and retrieving the quote and showing how policies can be put on risk, along with the customer documentation.

Landlord insurance - product and benefits

We'll walk you through all the features and benefits of the product and demonstrate the point of sale system for this important marketplace.

Landlord insurance product video

Landlord Insurance: demonstration 

We'll provide a demonstration of our Landlord insurance point of sale portal.

View the portal demonstration


Re mortgage; The perfect talking point

We'll focus on the re-mortgage conversation to make sure all your clients are fully protected. We'll demonstrate the powerful sales tools we've created and discuss techniques, allowing you to start that all-important GI conversation with confidence. 

Our Remortgage video


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