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We know you want to give your clients' the best possible service, so we’ve made it super easy for you to quote and buy for Home and Landlord insurance. Using SmartQuote technology, our GI for Intermediaries portal lets you quote for Home insurance in just 5 questions.

Once registered you’ll be able to get and retrieve quotes and a nominated individual will be able to access, view and download your commission statements.

What’s SmartQuote?

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It’s our faster, easier and smarter way for you to get a Home insurance quote for your clients.

Using what we already know about your customer’s local area and property, from publicly available data sources, SmartQuote gets rid of the need for complex questions, allowing you to provide your customers with a quote in just 5 questions!

It’s far quicker than the process you’re used to and reduces the non-disclosure risk, giving you greater peace of mind – clever, right?

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