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Optional Extras

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Handy Optional Extras

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Legal expenses cover

Your clients can rest assured that they have up to £100,000 in legal fees and expenses to help get things sorted, from things like, needing to claim compensation if they're injured and it isn't their fault and protecting their legal rights as a home owner.


Additional accidental damage cover

Gives your clients peace of mind that we’ll help get things sorted, if they spill paint on their carpet or put their foot through the ceiling. Included with Platinum as standard.


Personal belongings cover away from home

This cover protects belongings up to £5,000 per item when they're away from home. Any item worth more needs to be specified. 


Bicycle cover

Covers bicycles and accessories away from the home, up to £500 per bicycle - other bicycles worth more need to be specified.

More about our cover

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Buildings insurance

Our cover will help your clients protect their pride and joy.

Contents insurance

Our cover will help your clients protect their prized possessions.


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