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landlord insurance

Optional extras

Extra protection can only be a good thing, right?

What's covered?

Whichever cover they choose, we'll help protect their rental property




Our handy optional extras will help Landlords get that additional peace of mind, choose from:

Legal expenses up to £100,000

  • Tenancy disputes - including maintenance and use, tenant eviction and pursuit of rent arrears
  • Contract disputes - from a breach of your contract to buy or hire goods or services in relation to your property
  • Protection of property - pursuing or defending a claim for a nuisance or trespass relating to your property, damage to your property and a breach of an agreement for the sale or purchase of your property

Home emergency cover

  • We’ll organise and pay for an approved repairer to provide emergency assistance, up to a maximum of £1,000 (including call out, parts, labour and VAT) for any one emergency;
  • We’ll also organise and pay for alternative accommodation for your tenant up to £250 if your property is unfit to live in.

More about our cover

Check out our Landlord insurance – we’ve got a loads for you to look at

Buildings insurance

Our cover will help your clients protect their rental property.

Contents insurance

Protecting Landlords possessions in their rental property.


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