What is subsidence?

We define subsidence as downward movement of the ground supporting the building. In the UK and heatwaves and higher temperatures make homes more susceptible to the risk of subsidence as a drier soil results in clay shrinkage.

What can cause it?

  • Clay soil shrinking following long spells of dry weather.
  • Trees and other vegetation taking moisture from the soil causing it to shrink.
  • Leaking drains, which wash away the subsoil below your foundations.
  • Mining activity.

Spotting the signs and Prevention

Icon of a house that is leaning to one side

There are a few things you clients can look out for in their homes, such as:

  • Sinking and dips in the pathway or driveway
  • Large cracks appearing at the edges of windows and doors

To help you, help your clients, we've got some hints and tips to share, so clients can spot the real signs of subsidence and how best to tackle any issues.