Storms and bad weather

Top tips to help your clients

Gusty winds, chills in the air and wet weather, is normally a sure sign that Winter’s on its way in the UK. From storms, to freezing temperatures, lashings of rain and gale force winds, we know these can cause damage to your client’s homes: we’ve seen an increase of 211% for flooding claims from drains being unable to cope (between 2017 – 2021).

We’ve created some hints and tips that you can share with your clients, to help them better prepare and protect their homes from storms and bad weather.

water in street

Weather warnings

Keep up to date with forecasts and warnings, the Met Office has a colour code to help you prepare for severe weather: Green = no severe weather, Yellow = be aware, Amber = be prepared, Red = take action.

Preparation is key

  • Do your clients know where their fuse box is? 
  • Have they made a list of emergency contacts i.e. insurance company, emergency lines and local utilities and have they got a copy of their home insurance documents?
  • Ensure mobile phones are fully charged during bad weather
  • Move furniture and valuables upstairs and do they have a waterproof box for important documents and possessions? 
  • Flood defences – do they have any sandbags?
  • Cut back any overgrown tree branches
  • Do cars need moving to garages or higher ground?
  • Keep gutters and drains clear of leaves and debris
  • Secure garden furniture and ladders and rubbish bins
  • Have roofs been checked for any missing or damaged tiles?

Remember to remind your clients to always be cautious when undertaking any DIY task that they aren’t familiar with, seek professional help where needed.

We've created some top tips for your clients

Icon of a house. On one side it is snowing and on the other side there is a storm

Don’t forget we’ve also created these handy guides that you can download and share with your clients too:

Storm protection tips (PDF, 245KB) 
Flood protection tips (PDF, 212KB)
Winter tips (PDF, 210KB)