What is an act of god?

In terms of insurance, an Act of God refers to a natural hazard or event, which is outside of human control. This includes natural events like earthquakes, tornados, lightning storms and floods.

Although the term is something we still hear mentioned, it’s not generally used by insurance companies these days. Instead we offer cover for events like lightning and earthquake as standard and give you a list of exclusions so you and your clients are clear on what’s covered – and what’s not. 

What isn’t an Act of God?

In short, any event that was caused by a person, or which could have been foreseen, protected against or prevented. For example, an accidental fire in your client’s home wouldn't be classed as an Act of God because it could have been prevented, perhaps by better fire safety.



How you can help your clients stay covered

We’d suggest encouraging your clients to research any potential threats specific to their local area. While earthquakes are very unlikely in the UK, damage from freak floods is becoming more common. So, if your client’s home is on a floodplain, it’s worth checking whether flooding is covered by their policy.

For a full list of exclusions and limitations, you and your client can view our Cover and Limits and Terms and Conditions information.

We’re on hand to help 

Your clients know you’ve got their back, so we’ve got your back too. If you have any questions about LV= insurance policies, please get in touch. Our specialist intermediaries team is on hand to help you, every step of the way.