Remortgage: the perfect talking point

More people are choosing to remortgage or take out a product transfer on their current home rather than buying a new property – the cost of living crisis and high inflation rates could be the reason why.

There’s greater demand from clients to find the best mortgage deals available and to lock in the benefits on 5-year fixed terms (or even longer), to give themselves more security with their budgets.

We know it’s difficult to talk about home insurance with clients that are arranging a remortgage as they usually have cover already in place, but by using objection handling you can try to avoid the hard sell approach and asking clients to review their cover could help them better protect the things they love.

We want to help you to perfect the remortgage conversation with your clients; making sure they’re fully protected and giving you the confidence and tools needed to start that all-important GI conversation.

As your clients’ lives move forward, don’t let their home insurance stand still...

The remortgage application is a perfect time to assess your clients home insurance and make sure it still meets their needs. Should any of their circumstances have changed, it could be time for a cover review to make sure they stay fully protected.

By having more open and honest conversations with your clients, you can help them recognise that their home insurance needs have changed and ensure they’re better protected if the worst should happen to their home or belongings.

So, with this in mind, we’ve created an engaging video and a short questionnaire that you can send to your clients prior to the GI conversation.

Once your client has watched the video and completed the questionnaire, they can return this back to you with their answers. Our handy guide will then allow you to personalise the GI conversation, focusing on the right features and benefits that meet the changing needs of your client and their circumstances… turning objections into warm leads!