Meet Kam Kaur, our Regional Account Manager

With over 17 years of valuable experience within GI, you can see why Kam, our Regional Account Manager for the South West, is at the top of her game, ready to help you boost your GI business with us.

Keeping up with Kam

When she’s not keeping fit by swimming, spending time with her family (and enjoying a chocolate treat or two) and travelling around the country, you’ll find Kam completing demonstrations of our home and landlords proposition to advisers, delivering new starter induction training, answering product queries and supporting lead generation - we wonder where she finds the time to also attend events and conferences too!

Kam recently attended a roadshow focused on Mortgage and Protection, with panellists speaking about Protection opportunities, Compliance, ESG and what’s in store for 2024. 
Insights gleamed from the day from a home perspective included:

  • Households are facing an increase in mortgage payments this year
  • Product transfer activity remains strong, but new mortgage lending has declined
  • House prices continue to rise with the forecast showing no signs of slowing down
  • Its taking around 150 days from offer to completion for house sales/moves 

A big hurdle

The cost-of-living crisis is continuing to play a major role in the Mortgage, Protection and GI spaces, clients priorities are still a challenge for all - prices are going up everywhere at the moment and unfortunately, insurance is no different. With the increase in the frequency and severity of weather events in the UK, insurers are seeing a lot more claims and because of inflation, the claims are now also costing more.

The Landlord market is also experiencing similar issues as the home market – it’s seeing an increase in HMO’s being taken on, the average age of a landlord increasing by around 4 years, the selling of poor performing properties and the purchasing of properties that require work. Quite a whirlwind for both markets and you can see why selling the benefits of GI or starting those all-important GI conversations can be a challenge.

Why GI is so important

An adviser’s expertise can make a valuable difference in helping your clients protect their homes, by helping them understand how home insurance can help cover costly and unexpected repairs and accidents, if the worst should happen.

By selling GI to your clients, you can open the door for other opportunities throughout the mortgage journey and also earn extra income - that’s a win in our eyes. Here at LV= we know insurance is about more than just helping your clients feel protected. It’s also about building trust, service and letting them know we’ll be there for them if the time comes. 

Combining our technical capability, product expertise, quick home insurance application process and reduced non-disclosure risk, you’ll see why working with us is easy. We also have our dedicated team on hand to help you navigate the world of GI with simplicity and support you with having more open and honest conversations with your clients.

Want to contact us?

If you’re ready to start on your GI journey, have a query or want to get in touch with our team, you can call or email us and use our Live Chat facility – our specialist teams are on hand to help you every step of the way

Thanks for reading!

LV= GI Intermediary Marketing Team