What is bicycle insurance?

We’re always on hand to help you offer peace of mind to your clients. Our bicycle insurance options are no exception.

It seems that more and more people are getting into cycling these days. Your clients might be using their bikes to get to work, keep fit, or escape their busy lives for a while.

Whatever their reason for cycling, having quality insurance in place means your clients can enjoy their journeys that little bit more, knowing their bike is protected.

We offer two types of insurance for bicycles, depending on what your client is looking for.

Bicycles in the home cover

Both our Gold and Platinum Contents insurance covers bicycles in the home, including any garages or domestic outbuildings. 

Additional cover

If your customers are looking for cover outside of their home, you might want to offer additional cover that includes personal belongings. 

With this option, your clients will be covered for loss or damage of up to £6,000, or £500 per bicycle, unless they name a specific bike, including its make, model and frame number. You can easily add Personal Possessions to our Gold or Platinum policies.

We’re on hand to help 

Your clients know you’ve got their back, so we’ve got your back too. If you have any questions about LV= insurance policies, please get in touch. Our specialist intermediaries team is on hand to help you, every step of the way.