Home Security Tips

We know your clients home is probably their biggest investment and it’s important to make sure it’s protected.

That’s why we’ve pulled together some hints and tips to help them keep it safe. Why not share these with your clients? They may seem obvious but a reminder is always good. 

Green door 

In the home

  • Never leave keys on display and make sure they’re kept in a safe place – don’t leave them on window sills, near doors or in cars
  • Keep valuables out of sight or hidden in a safe place and consider marking them with special pens or invisible tags
  • Make sure windows and doors have locks and are of a strong and good quality - new home security tech like smart locks could help too
  • A home security system and visible burglar alarm can be a good deterrent and there’s new smart home tech available like wireless cameras and connected smartphones
  • Think about joining a neighbourhood watch scheme
  • Shred any personal or financial information before it goes in the bin
  • Remember not to share any passwords and keep Wi-Fi secure by regularly changing the password

 Outside the home

  • Install motion sensors/automatic lighting and gravel outside the home and garden, to help deter burglars
  • Keeping shrubs and hedges neat and tidy will make it harder for someone to hide
  • Keep all tools and garden valuables locked away and out of sight in sheds and garages and cover them with old sheets, if possible
  • If they lose there keys, change the locks immediately

If they’re away

  • Never advertise being away from home, particularly on social media
  • Use automatic lights/timers to help give the impression someone’s home
  • Ask someone they trust to pick up their mail and keep an eye on the house
  • Never leave bags unattended or keep your address and keys together – if keys are lost, get the house locks changed immediately
  • Don’t display valuables like laptops or mobile phones in busy areas

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