Are your clients’ homes in brrr-illiant condition?

Winters on its way

As the nights draw in and the temperatures drop, rain, snow and ice usually start making an appearance and many of us may forget about protecting our homes during winter. It’s not all deck the halls and walking around in a winter wonderland fun in the colder months, here at LV we found that average cost of a claim in winter is around £4,500, which is 25% (£900) more than in warmer months.

Last year the big winter freeze in December, caused escape of water claims to increase by a whopping 79% compared to November, with an average claim cost of £38,000 for frozen burst pipes, which then led to escape of water.


Top tips from Tommy

With the average home insurance claims increasing by 30% in the colder months, we’ve decided to partner with celebrity builder and all-round handyman, Tommy Walsh to provide tips on how to stop damage in its tracks this winter.

Tommy Walsh commented: “Homes are susceptible to all kinds of damage during the winter months – from damp stains and frozen pipes to pesky pests such as squirrels. It’s important to take steps to prevent them and stay on top of these issues this winter before they become a pricey problem and there are some simple and easy things to do around the home.”

Frozen & cracked pipes: Your clients could install a water leak detector - a smart device that uses sensors to detect changes in the water supply, notifying them instantly of any drips or leaks.

To reduce the chance of pipes bursting, make sure they’re well-insulated in the loft space. According to LV=’s research, around 1 in 10 (11%) have had a burst pipe flood their entire home.

Power failure: Make sure your clients report any fishy smells - that could be an early indication of problems with electrical wiring and also checking for discolouration or scorch marks around plug sockets – if they have any concerns, they should contact an expert.

Damp: English Ivy, Peace Lilies and Snake Plants can help to absorb moisture from the air and your clients could also look to use a dehumidifier too. 

Mould: To get rid of mould, wipe down walls with either a mould remover spray, or for an at-home more sustainable solution, use white vinegar – ensure gloves and a mask are used when using these remedies.

Keep the room ventilated to stop the spores from spreading and wiping down any condensation on windows and doors to reduce warping of window seals and mould.

Keep squirrels out: In 2022, LV= found that squirrels caused more havoc in homes than any other animal, with claims involving the pest rising by 51%.

They can chew through all of the things that protect homes from the harsh winter weather, such as beams and guttering. According to LV=, the average squirrel claim costs homeowners £3,000.

Always be cautious when undertaking any DIY task that you aren’t familiar with, seek professional help where needed.

Research of 2,000 Brits was commissioned by LV= General Insurance and conducted by Perspectus Global in June 2023.

LV= General Insurance home claims data 2023

Further winter tips to share

Icon of a house. On one side it is snowing and on the other side there is a storm

Don’t forget we’ve also created some further top tips to help keep homes safe and warm during winter months, that you can download and share with your clients too:

Winter tips (PDF, 210KB)